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"Oh So Buttery" CNY Pineapple Tarts

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Ring in the Lunar New Year with our “Oh SO Buttery” Pineapple Tarts! Homemade with love and care.

Baked with extra Golden Churn (the good stuff) butter, giving you a beautifully short exterior that melts in your mouth. These pineapple tarts have just the right amount of pineapple filling with just the right shortness. Made with less sugar for our health conscious community out there!

Grab these limited “Oh SO Buttery” Pineapple Tarts today and you’ll come back for more!

PS: We don’t stinge on butter here, so when we say buttery, we really do mean buttery!

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Ingredients: flour, sugar, butter, corn flour, custard powder, salt, pineapple paste, egg, milk

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