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Auspicious 3 Soaps Gift Set

RM 99.00 RM 117.00
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Send over a gift of health and prosperity!
Gift our Aromatherapy Body Soaps to your loved ones this Chinese New Year. 

Gift it to someone who would love trying out different scents and having a bubbly shower time. Ultra moisturizing and guaranteed to put a smile in your (or his or her) shower. We personally love the idea of giving oranges in a most healthy and auspicious way!

Auspicious 3 Soaps Gift Set
3 x Aromatherapy Body Soap (130gm)
1 x COCOLAB Auspicious Gift Box
Please choose 3 Body Soap scents in the drop down boxes above labeled Soap 1, Soap 2 & Soap 3.
(Choose from: Geranium, Lavender, Orange, Tea Tree, Ylang Ylang)

Gift set: RM99
Normal price: RM117
(save RM18)

For Bamboo Charcoal, Shea Butter, Carrot - please state change in remarks section at checkout page.

Scent Profile

Geranium:      Floral, Rosey, Refined
                        smells as beautiful as bed of fresh roses
                        has soothing and healing benefits for sensitive skin 

Lavender:       Floral, Relaxing, Blissful
                        used widely to relieve and relax the body and mind
                        promotes better and well-rested sleep

Orange:          Citrus, Refreshing, Energizing
                        intense deep orange scent that refreshes the mind
                        vitamin C in orange is known to promote skin brightening & glow

Tea Tree:        Minty, Fresh, Green
                        popularly used for medicinal purposes to heal sores & pimples
                        highly suitable for use on rashes and eczema skin

Ylang Ylang:   Floral, Exotic, Energizing
                         something adventurous yet sophisticated for the ladies and gents
                         known to have aphrodisiac properties & balances sebum production


Send a Wish

Sending it as a Chinese New Year gift? Insert a short wish in the remarks section at the checkout page.
Please state recipient name and your wish.

If nothing is stated in the remarks section at the checkout page, a blank Chinese New Year Card will be included in your giftset. Feel free to personalize it J

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