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Softgel + MCT C8 Powder Bundle

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COCOLAB Softgel MCT C8 Powder

Fortify Dad's immunity and well-being with our best-selling ANH-VCO + Super Vitamin E + Lycopene Softgels. Lycopene is great in promoting prostrate health and eye health too. And while you're watching out for his health, take this opportunity to boost his energy levels with MCT C8 Powder. Goes easily into any drink!

1 x ANH-VCO + Super Vitamin E + Lycopene Softgel (150 softgels)
1 x MCT C8 Powder Sachet

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TOMATO FOR WEBSITE.pngCOCOLAB’S breakthrough formulation of Absolute-No-Heat Virgin Coconut Oil (VCO) with Vitamin E Tocotrienols and natural Lycopene combines the multiple benefits of healing superfoods to deliver health in a convenient capsule. Together they pack a potent defence against chronic diseases and conditions that ravage the health of so many people today.

LYCO SOFTGEL CIRCLE.pngLycopene is a phytochemical and a naturally occurring super anti-oxidant found in red fruits such as dragon fruit, water melon, red cabbage and tomatoes. It has been found to decrease the risk of certain cancers in men and women and has been acclaimed for its immensely powerful health benefits for the male and female sexual organs. Lycopene together  with Tocotrienol protects the body against free radicals that can damage the body’s cells, damaging proteins, DNA and cell membranes. Daily supplementation is therefore critical in maintaining optimal health and to defend against diseases and cancers.

old woman young girl.pngRECOMMENDED FOR:
This formulation contains all the properties of Tocotrienol together with Lycopene and is recommended as a dietary supplement to help improve overall health including the heart, brain and liver health, strengthen the immune system, balance cholesterol levels and defend the body against free radical damage. The lycopene content in it plays a special role for the health of male and female reproductive systems, to improve fertility, reduce risk of breast, cervical, ovarian cancers in women and prostate cancer in men. Recent studies have also shown a protective role against osteoporosis.

Suitable for all ages and pregnant/breastfeeding mothers.

BENEFITS:young family.png
The ANH-VCO Super Vitamin E + Lycopene Softgel harnesses the full benefits of our Absolute No Heat Virgin Coconut Oil for maximum bio-availability.  


For body 

For skin

  • Anti-ageing  
  • Protection against UV damage
  • Replenishes antioxidant levels
  • Promotes cellular regeneration
  • Reduces scars, pigmentation and fine lines
  • Moisturises and improves skin elasticity


For men’s health 

  • Improves fertility and virility
  • Lowers risk of prostate cancer

For women’s health

  • Improves fertility
  • Lowers risk of ovarian, cervical and breast cancer
  • Retards osteoporosis



More on our blog: Lycopene: The Super Anti-Oxidant Keeping you Heart-Healthy & Cancer-Free

Click here for more information: Coconut Oil - Dr. Mercola / Health Benefits of Super Vitamin E Tocotrienols / Tocotrienols Natural Vitamin E Leaflet (English) / Health Benefits of Lycopene / Health Benefits of Virgin Coconut Oil / Softgel leaflet

Chinese Articles中国篇: Virgin Coconut Oil  椰子油 / Super Vitamin E Tocotrienols 超级维生素E Tocotrienols / Lycopene 番茄红素 / Coconut Oil - Dr. Mercola 椰子油 - Mercola 医生 / 生育三烯酚天然维生素E 传单小册子(中文)

INGREDIENTS: 100% Premium Absolute No Heat Virgin Coconut Oil (ANH-VCO), Natural Full Spectrum Bioactive Plant Tocotrienol/Tocopherol Vitamin E Complex (Vitamin E is listed by the US FDA as GRAS Nutrient/Dietary Supplement), Natural Oil-based Lycopene Complex.

Each Softgel of 1,000mg ANH-VCO contains 20mg of non-GMO "Super Vitamine E Tocotrienol" and 0.6mg of Natural Lycopene Complex. 
Comes in Clear & Brown softgels.
Certified HALAL by JAKIM.

*You may find some dark brown sediments in lycopene softgels. This is completely natural as lycopene is an oleoresin complex. The dark brown color sediment is actually the natural lycopene (crystal).

DOSAGE INSTRUCTIONS: For normal health maintenance, take 5 softgels per day after any meal. Or take it in split dosages of 2-3 softgels, 2 times per day, after any breakfast, lunch or dinner.
Serving size: 5 softgels daily.
Available in 150 softgels per bottle. 

ANH-VCO enhanced with Super Vitamin E Tocotrienol + Lycopene Softgel is co-branded with *EVNol (full spectrum palm tocotrienols/tocopherol complex)

*EVNol is a registered trademark of ExcelVite Sendirian Berhad and protected by US Patent No: 5,157,132, Palm Oil-derived Vitamin E is classified as GRAS by the US FDA (GRAS Notice No. GRN 000307).

Visit for more information on tocotrienol.

**EVPene (derived from tomatoes, solanum lycopersicum) is a trademark of ExcelVite Sendirian Berhad (Safety of Lycopene Oleoresin from Tomatoes approved by European Food Safety Agency).


Now in Vegan-Friendly Powder Form!]

100% Pure C8! Now you can Keto-on-the-Go with our travel-friendly sachets!

If you're a fan of powdered solutions, this is for you!

Double your keto levels with our Pure C8 (Caprylic Triglycerides) supplement. Made from pure MCT Oil C8, COCOLAB's MCT C8 Powder is a proven solution to elevating blood plasma ketone levels compared to MCT Oil C8/C10 combo. When taken in isolation, C8 is the main contributor to elevating ketone levels, leading to a more effective weight loss diet. 

C8 Caprylic Triglycer.png

In fact, a recent study in 2019 showed that MCT C8 was about three times more ketogenic than C10 and about six times more ketogenic than C12 under these acute metabolic test conditions, an effect related to the post-dose increase in octanoate in plasma total lipids (*). 

This is a healthy saturated fat essential for ketosis and is easily digested & absorbed directly into your liver. When broken down, this will release readily usable ketone energy. Caprylic acid  is also a potent anti-fungal and combats fungal infections e.g. Candida and  athlete’s foot. Mixes well into salads, juices and oats.

Accelerate your ketosis plan with the best MCT, the MCT C8 Powder, today!

MCT C8 ketones.jpg

Highly recommended for individuals on ketogenic diet (keto diet). For those who are more sensitive towards taste, this taste-free product mixes well into whatever you put it into without altering the taste of the food. Alternatively it can be consumed on its own. The MCT C8 Powder is packed with double the ketone energy. It also boosts weight loss. MCT C8 Powder is also a perfect addition to coffees or drinks to supercharge thought processes. Suitable for vegan diets.


  • Double instant ketone energy
  • Increased basal metabolic rate
  • Reduces hunger cravings
  • Keeps you feeling full for longer
  • Anti-bacterial, anti-viral & anti-fungal properties
  • Fights candida yeast infections
  • Helps treat digestive disorders
  • Alleviates fatigue
  • Improves focus and concentration
  • Brain fuel for mental clarity
  • Strengthens immune system
  • Reduces risk for antibiotic resistance
  • Improves heart health
  • Boosts healthy cholesterol levels

  • Travel-friendly sachets, perfect for quick packing for travelling or working
  • High solubility in water

More on our blog: 

MCT C8 Leaflet (English)

MCT C8 传单小册子(中文)

INGREDIENTS: Caprylic Triglycerides C8, maltodextrin, modified starch, free flowing agent, emulsifier, stabiliser


Add 1-2 sachets of MCT C8 Powder into beverage or meals. Stir product in. Take it 30 minutes before your meal if you are on a weight loss diet.  

For better results, take on empty stomach and in split dosages throughout the day (1 sachet x 3). 

For those looking for general health maintenance, you may take it anytime (before/after meal). You can also incorporate our MCT C8 Powder in beverages, juices, coffee, oats or cooking recipes according to your preference. 

*each packet contains 10 sachets 
**each sachet contains 10gm of MCT C8 Powder. 

COCOLAB certfication logos mct c8 powder medium chain triglycerides


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