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Geranium Essential Oil (20ml)

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100% Pure Essential Oils from Originating Countries

Our essential oils are undiluted and are suitable for aromatherapy use. Apply a few drops into your burner or diffusers for long-lasting scents to fill your living space. For topical application, mix it with a base oil such as coconut oil!

COCOLAB's Geranium essential oil hails from England. The burst of florals in this essential oil makes it a favourite and changes the harshest of geranium critics. The premium quality of our Geranium Essential Oil will make this a must-have in your scent books.

- calming & relaxing scent
- relieves headaches & tension
- recommended for sensitive skin
- balances hormones
- improves circulation
- reduces inflammation & swelling
- tightens skin & fights skin-ageing
- promotes better healing on insect bites & stops itching

Pure geranium essential oil (England)

20 ml

Apply a few drops into diffusers / burners. 
Mix into base oil for topical application.

Keep in a cool and dry place in an upright position. Do not place it under direct heat.

*Caution: These are 100% pure essential oils. Do not apply them on directly on skin unless they have been diluted with a base oil. Directly applying on skin may cause skin irritations. Pregnant mothers should consult their doctors before using essential oils.

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