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What is Absolute No Heat VCO?

What is Absolute No Heat VCO?


ANH-VCO stands for "Absolute No Heat Virgin Coconut Oil" and COCOLAB remains as the pioneer company to adopt this technology in our extraction process. Just like how the less heat you expose to your food in cooking retains more nutritional benefits, at COCOLAB, we believe in bringing to you the full benefits of Virgin Coconut Oil without any disintegration of the nutritional value.

This quick process is necessary to prevent over-processing and to lock in the natural nutrients. It does not go through any fermentation stage, giving you the oil that is almost as natural as it is found in nature. There are no added additives, enzymes, bacteria or chemicals throughout the whole  process. 

It is the finest VCO available in the market.


Not all coconut oils are the same. As a general rule, the quality of pure coconut oil grading runs from Excellent to Lesser quality as follows:-

100% Absolute No Heat Pure ANH-VCO --> General Cold Processed VCO --> Added Chemical/Enzyme/Bacteria Cold Processed VCO --> General Dry Processed VCO --> Natural Coconut Oil (ffa max 1%) --> Crude Coconut Oil (ffa max 5%). 


Most people recognize that 100% cold-processed VCO is the best, most natural and most potent. Why? Simply because it is the most readily and commercially available VCO.

COCOLAB now makes available, a grade of VCO so high that you can experience the full efficacy of its healing properties without worrying about quality and also in a shorter period of time. As a Company that uses Cocoscience's in-house production method, we are proud of our oil quality and we stake our reputation on it. 

At COCOLAB, we believe no one should settle for second best, especially when it comes to health.

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